**********Self Propelled Sportsman**********

Hunting, Fishing, Camping

Without the Aide of Motors.

If you prefer to do your hunting, fishing and camping
using a kayak, canoe, rowboat, bicycle, boots, ski’s or snowshoes …
(sorry if I missed your favorite)
Then you’ve come to the right site!

Elk Hunting the Back Country Kayak Fishing

We firmly believe it’s much more enjoyable to be our own ATV, whether on the water or on land, than to start up, rely on, maintain and listen to a motor while out in the wilderness or on the water. It just makes life a little simpler to rely on ourselves.

Of course we all use motorized vehicles at some point, but we like to keep this to a minimum of getting to the trail head or waters edge and back.

We’ll be sharing our experience in the back country and on the water and also reviewing the hunting, fishing and camping gear that we use.
We’re hoping you’ll enjoy our stories and learn some useful tips from our experiences in the wilderness!

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